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disinfectant/chemical application

Vapo-Miser handle prevents fugitive chemical release and puts pinpoint control literally at the user's fingertips. Adjust spray volume to respond to changes in materials and textures without breaking stride while applying disinfectants.
More speed. More accuracy. More economy. 



  • High durability construction

  • Chemical resistant components

  • Fast, simple plug& play set up

  • Ergonomic, low vibration

  • Ultra-high efficiency

  • Low pressure operation

  • High precision, drip-free coverage

  • Extremely low consumption

  • Covers more sq. ft. in less time

  • No tips or wands needed

  • No clogs, no mess

  • Low maintenance

  • Compact and portable

  • Cool, atomized vapor spray.

  • Attaches to standard 5-gallon chemical containers

  • Choose between built-in air compressor or dolly kit option

Chemical Application Machine


CAPABILITIES: Applies a wide range of chemical products including degreasers, sanitizers, detergents, fungicides, pesticides, lubricants, gelled agents and more.

COVERAGE RATE: up to 3000 sq. ft./hr per 1.5 gal.

CONSUMPTION RATE: 2 to 35 oz/min (3.0 hp, 6.5 CFM compressor)

ADJUSTMENTS: from "dry" microvapor to saturating spray ( & everything in between).



Sprayer pack with hoses and pistol grip handle. Made for attachment onto a standard hand truck or furniture dolly. 


Sprayer pack with hoses, pistol grip handle, fold-down hand truck/dolly with built-in compressor and container straps for compact, easy transport & storage; dedicated use.

Commercial, communal residential, industrial & municipal use.

Perfect for schools, fitness centers, offices, clinics,
senior care facilities, child care facilities, animal facilities, 

food processing, grocery stores, retail centers. 

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