Knowledge is our best tool.

Pretty marketing and a mountain of replacement parts can't change poorly engineered mechanisms that impede productivity and frustrate operators in the field. 

CleanerBlast Industrial is second to none in product knowledge. We literally know vapor blasting inside and out.


Trained by equipment engineering innovators and the people who developed the technology behind vapor blasting, our staff provides expert analysis and hands-on proficiency to ensure state-of-the-art repairs, retrofits or upgrades for real, lasting solutions to your blaster problem, regardless of the make or model.

"A  'genius' is often merely a talented person
who has done all of his or her homework."  ."
~ Thomas Edison

Because time is money.


The whole point (behind the years of research, trial and error it took to pack dependable, consistently performing components, no-fuss settings and a low learning curve into CleanerBlast equipment) is to let operators spend their time on the hose, not on fussy setup or troubleshooting.


CleanerBlast equipment makes the most of innovations in grit media, rust prevention chemistry, safety management, and process economies to increase productivity in challenging field conditions and work site configurations.

Rent success.

Solid service.

Unbiased advice.
Custom-fit solutions.


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